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Spotlight on One Hot Yoga instructors – Yogi: Zoe and Pilates instructor: Maddie

Spotlight on One Hot Yoga instructors – Yogi: Zoe and Pilates instructor: Maddie

Spotlight on One Hot Yoga instructors – Yogi Zoe Klein & Pilates instructor Maddie

Rebecca Judd for Jaggad - Pilates Workout from Team Jaggad on Vimeo.


The stunning, radiant and architect-designed studio of One Hot Yoga based in South Yarra, offers a modern ambience, peaceful space for practice and became a complimentary setting for our Rebecca Judd for JAGGAD campaign. 

In the middle of September, the One Hot Yoga & Pilate’s team were kind enough to let us take over their studio, foyer & equipment with our lights, cameras and all around action, as we got ready with hair, makeup and shooting for the morning ahead.

Overall there was a great vibe and feel to the day. 37 degree heated rooms were being cooled down to avoid condensation on lenses, but warm enough to make it a comfortable experience for Bec & all involved as there was no factor of the elements of the weather to harm this shoot! 


Pilates instructor in the One Hot Yoga Team, Maddie, was kind enough to take the time to help us throughout the shoot showing us correct technique on the reformer and mat along with providing us with a series of pilates exercises to be done at home targeting arms, legs and abs.


We caught up with her to find out why she enjoy's being a Pilates instructor:


What inspired you to try Pilates the first time and then become a teacher?

I was inspired to try Pilates to build up better core strength when I was 18. I was quite sporty and was finding that after exercising I would have a sore back and sore joints. I knew that I needed to find something that would help to strengthen my core, while also building strength in my other muscle groups. After starting Pilates I couldn’t believe the huge improvements I was finding in my strength, flexibility and my body awareness.


It wasn’t until after 4 years of practising that I decided to do my Pilates teacher training in both mat and reformer. The training was great! I developed a whole new level of understanding of Pilates for my own practice and I was going to be able to spread my love for Pilates with others. I had finally found a job that brought me joy and happiness while also utilising my strengths.


How long have you been practising for?

I have been practising for 8 years now and teaching for 4 years. Best 4 years of my life!!!! :)


What is your favourite thing about teaching?

I love sharing my love for Pilates everyday with my clients and making them feel amazing. I love educating clients on their bodies and developing better body awareness. Seeing people transform their bodies, mind and muscle connection is incredibly rewarding. I love making connections with people and hope my energy makes their days that little bit better.


What is your health & fitness philosophy?

I have always tried to live a healthy lifestyle, but also believe in balance. 1 Pilates class, one glass of bubbles that night :)

I like to eat a healthy non-processed diet with the odd treat thrown in there. My philosophy on health and fitness has been impacted by a diagnosis I received 6 years ago that I had endometriosis. Since then I have been searching for ways to reduce the symptoms and improve my overall health. This has meant broadening the definition of health and factoring in mental, spiritual and emotional health into my life. I’m always looking for ways to live a simple, healthy and balanced life and am always open to discuss endometriosis with others.


What do you personally prefer- reformer or mat and why?

I prefer reformer due to the challenge the resistance creates by the springs and the pulley system. I love that it challenges my strength, flexibility, stability and that it can also create an endurance workout. I love that for the 45 minutes I am in class I am focusing on my body and I find my mind doesn’t want to wander.


Is there any difference between reformer and mat for targeting particular muscle groups or intentions for the practice etc? Or similar structure just one is utilising the reformer and the other more weight baring?

Pilates these days generally seems like its one of the most chosen work outs. However it can be hard to choose between reformer and mat. Reformer Pilates is great for strength, postural, flexibility, balance and endurance and is brilliant for targeting one specific area, or making it a whole body workout. Mat Pilates targets the same things however the combination of exercises aren’t as varied. Basically both are great, but I find reformer brings a more varied full body workout due to the exercises we can perform.


What is your favourite move to do on the reformer?

I love a good glute workout (LOVE the booty burn). I particular like any type of scooter exercise. I’m also a big fan of any spinal articulation exercises, anything to wake that spine up makes you feel amazing!


How do you try to live & embrace a #LIFEATHLETIC?

In between my busy schedule I make time for myself, practicing what I preach. This means making time to go to a class, having some downtime and making time to get out in nature. It’s important to clear the mind from technology and to feel at one with yourself.


Zoe Klein, One Hot Yoga’s South Yarra Studio Manager was amazing enough to organise the day for us and let us into the space in amongst their clients & classes as we skipped to and from rooms to get our shots on both mat & reformer beds.

We caught up with her to discuss life as a Yogi and what she loves about it.




How did you get into yoga? What made you try it for the first time?

I first tried Yoga when I travelled to India in 2013. Given I was in it’s originating country, I though it would be rude not to. I was shocked at how difficult it was, I could hardly hold myself up in a Downward Dog! I think it took me about 6 months to build up the courage try again after that trip. Now I basically walk around in Utkatasana (chair pose) for fun*

*I most definitely do not do that, ever.


How long have you been practising for?

When I started my regular practice, I turned into a studio hopper, as most of us millennials do! I think I have trialled every studio in Melbourne…this kicked off in 2013, so that would make it about 4 years. How time flies!


Being a teacher or ‘yogi’, what is your favourite thing about teaching?

My favourite part of teaching is the opportunity to create unique experiences, often for people that don’t even know that they need it. Many fortunate people waltz into the studio with a sense of certainty and self confidence, yet walk out even taller, with a greater realisation and excitement around how much more there actually is.

Others walk into the studio seeking a certain experience or with an expectation they hope to be fulfilled, which often doesn’t eventuate in the way they envisaged. This broadens their capacity to deal with the ‘unexpected’ in their everyday lives.

Some walk out of the studio with their top inside out and shoes on the wrong feet, but still feeling more sure of themselves and clearer than ever. Anything goes. And that’s my favourite part.


Like other forms of activity a lot of people practice or continue a certain form of exercise for numerous reasons, why do you practice yoga?

Is it the way it makes you feel- mentally/physically? Spiritually? Strength you gain?

The reason I return to my mat, day in and day out, is primarily to learn. I have gained such a greater sense of self awareness through the practice, which isn’t something I generally experience through other forms of movement. I love the depth of Yoga, and the way that it layers, physically, mentally and spiritually. The way that these layers translate to each other is also very captivating. The stronger I get physically, the stronger I get mentally. The more open and relaxed my mind feels, the more receptive my body is to opening. I also love that no two days are the same. Sometimes I start moving and I feel weak and stiff, but then I move in the same way 24 hours later and feel strong and relaxed. Observing this ebb and flow of my practice is how I have learnt to be okay with the ebb and flow of my life.


With hot yoga in particular, you flush out your toxins and sweat… a lot! How do you replenish your body after a class? - As to those that don’t practice regularly it can be dehydrating etc.

I won’t lie, I find this tough! I don’t like to drink too much water throughout a class, as sometimes I feel like it might come up the other way. However, I always carry a big bottle with me and will be sipping at it through out the day, both before and after class. I don’t drink coffee, but I drink plenty of tea – Dandy Chai is my favourite! 


What is your favourite pose?

Savasana, isn’t everyone’s!?


How do you try to live & embrace a #LIFEATHLETIC?

Living a #lifeathletic for me, is the small stuff. It’s the knowing that sometimes life will get in the way, and things aren’t always easy. But also knowing that every little bit counts. It’s the motivation to wake up every day with a can do attitude, but also the ability to refrain from beating myself up when things don’t go to plan. It’s creating a vision of the person I want to be, and holding myself accountable for making it happen. I do my best to move and meditate daily, as well as project an energetic attitude.


 For more information on One Hot Yoga visit HERE

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