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Spotlight on.... Nicola (ZIGGY) ZAGAME

Spotlight on.... Nicola (ZIGGY) ZAGAME

Spotlight on.... Nicola (ZIGGY) ZAGAME

Warrior & Survivor

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Nicola (ZIGGY) Zagame is no stranger to a bit of competition being a two time Olympic Athlete, Olympic bronze medallist for Water polo, and recently a contestant on Australian Survivor.


Ziggy, an elite sportswoman, also a former lifesaver and Iron woman, clearly had the fighting spirit, determination and skill to tackle and sustain being a strong competitor amongst her tribe. To have what it takes to ‘outwit, outplay and outlast’ her competitors in the game of Survivor takes tactics and a game plan which she learnt these skills strongly from her time playing Water polo. 


With minimal clothing allowed to be taken to Samoa for the 47 days of filming, ironically, what did go along with her was a pair of our Tribal Dance 7/8 Leggings!! Although not making it through to the finale, Ziggy had a fighting attitude to carry her through the extreme and tough conditions of Survivor- all with her Tribal leggings still intact!!


The durability and construction of these tights allowed Ziggy to perform on different challenges and even kept her warm at night with protection agains the elements of the weather that Samoa hit them with. Losing weight naturally from being amongst little food, exerting energy to keep warm, sweating in the heat and using every ounce of strength for challenges, these tights maintained their shape, were quick drying and didn’t fade.


Ziggy recently came down to Melbourne to visit us in store to update her tights from Survivor & shop for new active outfits as she transitions back into her normal fitness regime.

We caught up with her to find out more about her Survivor experience and how she lives a Life Athletic day in, day out.


Tell us about your time on Survivor- what made you want to apply?

I never really watched survivor growing up but must have seen some of the physical challenges on TV at some stage, because I always had this idea that being on Survivor would be so amazing! I am so competitive and love a challenge, so when I heard from a friend that applications were open earlier this year I decided to apply!


What was the most challenging aspect of the experience?

Being exposed to all of the elements for 47 days was so tough! When it rains everything gets soaked and there is just no escaping it. That was the hardest part for sure.. just being so uncomfortable and not being able to escape it.


Would you recommend Survivor to your friends or peers?

100% yes! It was so so tough but I grew a lot as a person through my experience and I also had so much fun and made some incredible friends! It was such a great time, so anyone looking to apply definitely do so!


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We saw that you took our Tribal Dance 7/8 Leggings with you on the show, firstly thank you for the support and secondly, how did they hold up!?

They were my favourite item of clothing out there.. Not even kidding! Pretty ironic that they are also called the “tribal dance” leggings! The TV didn’t really show the full extent of the weather but it rained a lot and was so cold.. also Samatau had a lot of mosquitoes. The tights kept my legs protected from the Mozzies and also kept me warm at night. They also dried sooo quickly which was handy.. a lot of other contestants were so jealous. They were also so comfy in challenges and survived me crawling under things and climbing ropes etc without a hole the whole time!


Have you worn JAGGAD before wearing these pair of tights? What do you love about the tights in particular and the JAGGAD range?


No, These tights were the first item of Jaggad that I had ever worn. I chose them to wear, because they looked super cool and I wanted to bring some long pants along with me that I could wear at camp and in challenges. I love the range as the material is so comfortable and unlike many tights Ive worn before, they don’t fall down, but actually give quite a lot of support when running! I also love how the range is practical but also they look really funky.


Being active has been such a massive part of your life thus far, being Olympian & now running in a running group, what are some non-negotiable elements to a garment?


Being comfortable is my one and only non negotiable! There is nothing worse than trying to run and having to pull your tights up every 30 seconds or battling chaffage and the likes. When you are pushing yourself mentally you also need to focus on the process and clothing discomfort takes me away from that.. Definitely not ideal!


When choosing activewear- what is your style?

I often find that after a workout, my friends and I will to straight to brunch, then I might do the groceries afterwards or stop by the shops, and before I know it I’ve spent most of the day in my activewear! This means that style is also a consideration to me J. I like a funky crop top with a baggy singlet. Keeps me cool while exercising but allows me to feel supported and confident too! I mix it up with shorts and tights depending on the weather.


Take us through your fitness regime since coming back into your normal routine.

Getting back into my fitness routine was so hard after being on the show. Not only was I super skinny and it was so cold this winter! I was so unfit and found that my motivation for exercise was really lacking. Gradually though, I regained my strength and am now totally back into my fitness regime which I love!

I run three mornings a week with an amazing group of women called the “Coogee Cougars”. These ladies are so inspirational and it is fun running with girls because we certainly work hard, but also gossip a bit and have a laugh. With them I do 3 running sessions ranging between 8kms and 20kms- both hard core intervals, and long slow runs. I am also now in an Oz tag team with a bunch of my best friends so this is fun! Occasionally I will get down to the beach and do some run swims, boxing or some yoga too!


Monday- Rest

Tuesday- Morning -8kms hills or Intervals running

                Night- Oz tag

Wednesday- Rest

Thursday- Running – 9-10kms slow

Friday- Rest

Saturday- 12 to 16kms slow

Sunday- boxing/yoga/run swims. (even Paddle Boarding/ Surfing- Something different! )


What is your health & fitness philosophy?

“Don’t wish for it, work for it!”


Haha this philosophy certainly pushed me while I was training for the Olympics! I worked so so hard and was constantly doing extra swim sets and extra gym sets all because I wished for Olympic gold!


Now, I still apply this same philosophy but I look at it differently. Now, I am not wishing for an Olympic Gold.. But for a healthy, balanced lifestyle where I feel good within myself. I am much more in tune to my body and being kind to myself also takes priority... so If I have a niggle in my hip I will take it easy for a few days and focus on recovery, and sometimes I think that having a sleep in and snuggle with my fiancé will do me better than forcing myself to run if its pouring down rain outside!


I come from a family of healthy eaters, so I have been brought up loving quality wholesome foods! But, I definitely treat myself with dessert, especially on the weekends! It is all a balance and I have found, especially recently, that when I am the most happy, it’s when I am the most balanced in all aspects of my life!


How do you try to live & embrace a #LIFEATHLETIC?

Exercising first thing in the morning sets me up for a wonderful day! I get to see the sunrise and find that I get to work bright eyed and ready to go, or I can enjoy a weekend of good food and fun times as I have begun it in the perfect way! I live a #lifeathletic so that I can release my mind from stresses, feel healthy in my body and also use that time to catch up with friends. Being fit and healthy makes me feel confident and that is why I embrace it as my lifestyle!

Amy wears: Sapphire Muscle Tank with Classic 7/8 Leggings

Ziggy wears: Subtropical Cross Over Crop with Black Run Shorts 

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