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Spotlight on... Tory Giles

Spotlight on... Tory Giles

Spotlight on... Tory Giles

Mindfulness- isn’t just about well being, it’s a practice and now something to consciously integrate as a part of our daily routine. Your weekly fitness regime may sometimes seem like chore, or it might have turned into a habit however, finding the balance through daily errands, work, family & friends can sometimes be challenging or get in the way of having that time to focus on yourself.


Nowadays, a lot of people exercise for their mind- to release tension, de-stress and increase overall efficiency to undertake daily tasks thus, maintaining at a state of equilibrium.

At JAGGAD we encourage people to stay positive, be active in even the smallest way everyday but also, embrace the positive effects exercise brings to one’s mental state, making the body feel great and overall benefiting their well-being.

Recently we caught up with Tory Giles- mum, PT, pilate’s instructor, doctor & owner of  Shift Natural Medicine.


This clinic is a space that is ‘inviting, relaxing, nurturing, empowering and leaves people inspired to live the healthiest life they can.”


Shift Natural Medicine perform treatments such as acupuncture, naturopathy, nutrition, Chinese herbal medicine, Kinesiology and energy healing all with a strong focus on Women’s Health- the support for stress and pain.


Tory encompasses everything that JAGGAD is about- staying active, being positive and finding a balance. With her passion for ‘shifting the mind & the body will follow’ she is a great candidate for our latest Helix Collection.


We steal 5 minutes to chat with Tory:


Tell us about your company Shift Natural Medicine. Has this always been your passion?

I started Shift Natural Medicine (formerly known as The Acupuncture Company) 4 years ago. I wanted to create a space where Traditional Chinese Medicine could be delivered in a modern, approachable and integrative way. We have a great team of natural health practitioners (acupuncturists, herbalists, naturopaths, nutritionists, kinesiologists) who work together to give our client’s great treatment outcomes in order to get their health from surviving to thriving.

This has always been my passion. From a young age, I have been about exercise, feeling good, and having a healthy body and mind. As I got older, this passion grew into educating and helping others to feel the same. I absolutely love what I do, and know I have found my life purpose.


Take us through your current fitness routine.

It has changed a lot since having Evie. It’s harder to get the gym so I do 3 x 30 minute strength sessions at home with a fit ball, dumbbells and kettle bell, incorporating pilates here also (Evie loves doing it with me).

I walk with Evie for an hour and half everyday (pushing the pram around the hills of Mt Eliza is hard work), and do 1 long run and 1 tempo run per week.

Plus chasing after Evie and carrying her around (she’s now a 10kg kettle bell), a fitness routine in itself!


How do you find balance between work, being a mum and staying active?

This is a question I get asked a lot. I don’t think the perfect balance is achievable; I like to call it the ever-changing juggle. Things chop and change all the time, you have to find your flow, go with it and be flexible.

Your efficiency and productivity definitely goes up when you become a Mum, what used to take me 4 hours, now takes 1. I try to combine the three rather then keeping them separate. I incorporate Evie in to my active time, and bring her to work when I am not treating clients.

Being organised and asking for help is necessary.


What advice would you give to busy mums struggling to stay on top of their fitness goals?

I think it always comes down to a time thing. If you can’t fit in hour-long work outs 4-5 x week, then don’t. Take the pressure off yourself, and do what you can. 20-minute workouts here and there are great – before the family wake up, while the kids are napping, or in your lunch break. There are so many great apps and workouts online that cater for these workouts.

Get active with your kids (if they are old enough), or for the young ones, there are lots of mums and bubs boot camps and Pilates classes out there.

Make fitness a priority! If you don’t have your health, what do you have? What is it that is taking up all your time?


Has your health & fitness viewpoint /routine changed over the years- and especially since becoming a mum?

I suppose my viewpoint hasn’t changed, health and fitness is just (if not more) as important now, especially as we age. But my priorities and routines have changed. My routine changed depending on what I was training for; run events, triathlons, life saving or just keeping active.

They have especially changed since becoming a Mum, I used to spend my Saturday mornings riding for 5 hours. This doesn’t happen now, instead we’ll go for a trail walk as a family.


Being so active, what are some non-negotiable elements to a garment when choosing activewear- what is your style?

    Number one comfort and number two that the garment stays where it is meant to. Your training is interrupted if you are feeling uncomfortable, or when your leggings fall down every 2 minutes on a long run. And number three, active wear that looks good. When you look good, you feel good and are more motivated. Enter Team JAGGAD, this is where you guys tick all three boxes.


    Where are some of your favourite workout places in Melbourne?

      The tan! I have done a lot of early morning run groups over the years with friends and my old triathlon club Tribal. It is a beautiful place to be running while the sun comes up. Also, the half moon bay beach ramp (known as the Cathy Freeman ramp) excruciatingly challenging (think lactic acid burn), but I love it!


      How do you try to live & embrace a #LIFEATHLETIC?


        Our bodies are made to move. And when we move, we feel balanced, energetic, happy, and healthy. I think that’s what leading a #lifeathletic is all about. I aim for this feeling across all aspects of my life; work, rest, play and social.  

        For me, exercise is where my inspiration, creativity and idea’s flow, I get excited about life. This is one of the reasons why being active is something I do, every single day.


        Shift Natural Medicine 

        4/770 Hampton St,
        Brighton, Melbourne
        (entrance on Marriage Road)

        P (03) 9530 5536 


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