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'KIC'- Start the New Year with Laura Henshaw!

'KIC'- Start the New Year with Laura Henshaw!

'KIC'- Start the New Year! 

Tips from Laura Henshaw on how to stay motivated and on track this 2018.

With the New Year comes an outpour of resolutions and goals- whether they are of a personal nature or some you set with your friends and family.   The New Year can also bring a new you, a lifestyle change or a time to start a fresh.


Each year many people make a commitment to begin exercising, change their routine or take better care of their bodies.


Looking after your body, and in turn your mind, through nutrition & exercise, secures a great life balance and allows for a better lifestyle. Unfortunately, staying on top of your “resolutions or goals” can be tricky - often people will start the year as they wish to continue but then taper off, falling short of reaching their goals.


So how, you may ask, can you stay motivated throughout the year to reach your health and fitness goals?


Enter Laura Henshaw.


Model, law student and co-founder of ‘Keep it Cleaner’, a health and fitness program where girls can join and ‘get toned, be fit and eat healthy’ any where and at anytime all through an app on your phone. Laura is the perfect motivator to keep you on track to reach your goals when using this platform, with go to healthy recipes and workouts and you are encouraged to share your journey along the way.


In 2017, the Keep It Cleaner team also launched their very own line of healthy snacks that can be found in Coles nationally and we can honestly say for a healthy snack they are so, so yummy!!


Taking the health and fitness industry by storm, Laura has become a role model for the younger generation and ultimately everyone that wants to embrace a healthy and well balanced lifestyle- thus she was the perfect candidate for this month’s cover of Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine.


Recently we caught up with Laura to find out her tips on staying on track and ‘KIC-king’ your health & fitness goals for 2018.


  1. Put your workouts into your diary

Every Sunday night before the week starts jot down all your workouts for the week into your diary. This way you will look at them like meetings or appointments and are less likely to cancel them. Ticking them off as you go is the best feeling!


  1. Don’t expect to be motivated for every workout

One of the biggest mistakes people tend to make with their fitness goals is expecting to be motivated for every workout - the reality is no one is ALWAYS motivated! When your alarm goes off - don’t think about it. Just get up and do it and remind yourself your motivation will kick in once you get going. 


  1. Plan your workouts before you get to the gym

There is nothing less motivating than getting the gym without a plan. You will get so much more out of your workouts if you have a plan. It makes the biggest difference for me being able to get to the gym, switch on our KIC program and have my workout ready to go for me. The less thinking about it - the better!


  1. Lay your clothes out the night before

I find if I have my gear ready to go in the morning I am less likely to hit the snooze button. The less effort you have to make in the morning before you workout the more likely you will be to get it done.


  1. Workout and eat well for how you will feel not for a thigh gap

One of the biggest mistakes we make with our fitness and health is going on fad diets and solely focus on 8-12 week challenges. If you focus on how eating well and moving your body everyday makes you feel you are so much more likely to maintain a healthy lifestyle long term. Life shouldn’t be about counting calories and weighing yourself - what has worked for me is ditching the scales and focusing on being healthy 80% of the time. Balance is my key to not going off track. 


Catch Laura Henshaw on the cover of this months Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine featuring our Alpha Helix Crop.


For this year remember to be kind to yourself and keep working at your goals bit by bit. It might take some time to get into a habit but remember every step is progress!


Happy New Year!!


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