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Spotlight on…Marika Day

Spotlight on…Marika Day

Spotlight on…Marika Day

“My definition of health is very holistic.

To me being healthy includes not only the way you eat and move but also the way you think…

Health is about living your best life and I think we forget that may look different on everyone.”

Marika Day, an Australian girl based in Sydney, Marika fully encapsulates our JAGGAD mantra- to live a #LIFEATHLETIC on a daily basis. 


Being an accredited Nutritionist specialising in Gut and Women’s Health, Marika empowers and builds confidence in women everyday, encouraging her clients to live and enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle and to love the skin their in.


We caught up with her to find out more about her journey to where she is today.


Tell us your story, how did you get into nutrition and becoming a Dietitian and furthermore, a qualified personal trainer?

I actually never thought I’d be doing what I am today. I wasn’t an active child and health wasn’t always important to me. Mind you, food and cooking has been something I’ve been interested in since I can remember. When I was 18 though I was diagnosed with coeliac disease and that for me triggered a huge interest in nutrition, I realised the way I was eating could have a huge impact on my physical and mental health. After this I decided to study nutrition and dietetics. The personal training side of it didn’t come until later. I had personally started focusing on my own training and had seen huge benefits again not only physically but mentally from exercise. The decision to actually do personal training came when I working as a dietitian in a nutrition clinic. Essentially I wanted to see my clients more frequently, help them more! I felt seeing them once a month or fortnight as a dietitian wasn’t enough support for some to achieve their goals and stay accountable. So I thought how can I see these clients more and give them more value? Exercise with them! 


What does health mean to you?

My definition of health is very holistic. To me being healthy includes not only the way you eat and move but also the way you think. I believe too many people get caught up on the nutrition and exercise side of health and forget that being happy, sleeping well and having minimal stress are all equally important to your overall health. I also believe it is all about balance. Health isn’t going to the gym 7 days a week or never eating a single bad thing. Health is about living your best life and I think we forget that may look different on everyone. 


Could you give us an insight into what projects you are working on at the moment and what’s next for Marika? Your long term goals and plans (if you feel comfortable sharing)?

At the moment my focus is on my nutrition clinic in Sydney. With the @basebodybabes we have created the most beautiful space for nutrition consultations. Outside of that I just want to keep creating and sharing nutrition content in any way possible. 


In the future… Who know’s? I have lots of ideas, visions and goals but I mostly try to take life as it comes, follow what interests me on a day to day basis. In the past I’ve been caught up on grinding to achieve big long term goals and at the moment I’m really content with just working hard in what presents itself at the time and taking opportunities as they come. 


Favourite meal prep tips?

- Prep a huge bunch of vegetables on the weekend. Either roasted, fresh for salads or just chop them and have them buffet style in the fridge. It is much easier to eat veggies when they are there ready to go. 

- Portion out your snacks. Having just a small handful of nuts can be a struggle especially if we are bored, tired or stressed. At the beginning of the week plan you snacks and pack them into individual portions so you aren’t tempted to eat more. 

- Keep it varied. One of the biggest complaints I see with my clients is that they are bored of chicken and broccoli. Get creative with your recipes, use herbs and spices and mix up your meals week to week. 


Take us through your current fitness regime.

At the moment I am focusing on strength training to help rehab a few injuries I’ve had for some time. A typical week usually involves 3-4 strength sessions plus either a circuit or a short run. I love to mix up my training so sometimes ill do a boxing class or get to the pool for a swim too. 

Post workout refuel- what is your go-to?

Unless I’m about to have a meal my typical post workout refuel is a protein smoothie. WPI, banana, cinnamon and a little peanut butter. 


You recently became the nutritionist for Base Body Babes/ Base Body Studio with Felicia and Diana- how is that all going?

I am loving it. At the moment everything feels really 'in flow” for me. Together with Felicia and Diana we have so many ideas we want to bring to life over the next few years so it is really an exciting time. The girls are honestly amazing, they are supportive, passionate, dedicated and incredibly down to earth. They’ve supported me and my work from day one, taught me so much about strength training and also changed the way I personally train. I am so excited for what the future holds working alongside them. 


How do you try to live an embrace a #LIFEATHLETIC

 Honestly I just try to do the best I can with each day for both myself personally and in sharing my knowledge to help others live a #lifeathletic 


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For more information on Marika's services:

Instagram: @marikaday 


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