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Merino Wool- a natural choice for all sports!

Merino Wool- a natural choice for all sports!

Merino Wool- a natural choice for all sports! 

Merino wool makes a comeback this season- perfect for transeasonal weather and in true Melbourne style (if you live there) you never know what will be coming next within the one day, especially when it comes to the weather!


Supporting our key performance fabrics such as Jaggad Signature High Support, for our bottoms and crop tops, JAGGAD Merino Tech will compliment you on top with an array of tanks and singlets within this collection to support your movement, function and in turn, your performance.


When you think of wool in particular, Merino, you think warmth, lustrous and a natural product however, this fabrication is key for performance exercise due to it being lightweight, biodegradable and renewable.


This fibre allows one to sweat freely and breathe with ease as the moisture is absorbed as you sweat and the Merino Wool acts to transfer vapour away from the body during high intensity exercise, to a hot yoga flow, to recovery.



Merino Wool keeps you drier for longer, allowing you to look after your body and regulate temperature accordingly depending on the intensity of your training. By keeping you warm in cooler conditions and cool in the heat, JAGGAD Merino Tech creates a more comfortable training experience all round.


Not only does JAGGAD Merino Tech™ have the above benefits, but did you know Merino Wool also:


Remains fresh: Our JAGGAD Merino Tech will NEVER SMELL!!!

This is due to the absorption of moisture and locking away of molecules therefore, making it your perfect workout outfit and a tolerable experience for you and your workout buddy!


It provides ultimate comfort: Having premium characteristics, JAGGAD Merino Tech has a natural elasticity providing comfort and freedom as you move.

Following from this….


This fibre eliminates distraction. It moulds with your body as your moves and then the garment returns to its natural shape- how is that for product confidence! Merino Wool will last, and last and last!


This collection we see JAGGAD Merino Tech be explored and constructed with different placement of mesh panelling to provide more breathability as your workout to your sweat spots.


Explore our new pieces below and don’t forget our Core Merino Wool Muscle Tank!


Aurora Muscle Tank- Marina $79.95

Aurora Muscle Tank- Purple Shadow $79.95



Hannah Racerback Singlet- Azalea $69.95

Hannah Racerback Singlet- Black $69.95



Aurora Racerback Singlet $69.95

Core Black Muscle Tank $74.95


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