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Wool Week 2017

Wool Week 2017

Why We Choose Merino Wool?

Gain that advantage in your training when wearing Merino Wool!

Merino Wool is our fibre of choice for an array of performance garments each collection with 100% of our Wool garments being sourced from Australia and New Zealand. We feel very passionate to be supporting an industry that we are apart of as well (being Australian born and bred!) and you too can be proud when you add this natural and renewable product to your active wardrobe!


JAGGAD Merino Tech™ has a unique ability to stay warm in cool weather and keep you cool and fresh when the temperature heats up- ideal to wear for training as you warm up, complete reps and then cool down. 


It is sustainable, moisture wicking and eco-friendly and a great alternative to wearing synthetic materials. Our Merino Wool garments hold their shape, don’t pill, they aren’t scratchy or bulky but instead they are breathable, lightweight and luxe to create easy staples to wear for every workout. 


JAGGAD Merino Tech is used in our signature shapes, including muscle tanks and tees each season for Women & Men. Its natural properties and simple, loose-fitting shape make it a strong performance piece for athletes seeking an added advantage during training sessions. 


Merino Wool is proven to have:

Strong Moisture management:

Merino fibres absorb moisture then transfer vapor away from the body during high intensity training, to hot yoga to recovery. It will keep you drier for longer throughout different forms of training.

Temperature regulation:

JAGGAD Merino Tech™ Wool allows you to look after your body by keeping you warm in the cooler conditions and cool in the heat, creating a more comfortable training experience.

Minimise Odour:

Merino wool will remain fresher due to the absorption of moisture and the fibres ability to lock away odour molecules therefore, making it perfect for working out in. A reduction in sweat is a bonus, and a more tolerable experience for you and your workout buddy!


Soft and luxurious, Merino fibres have a natural elasticity providing comfort and freedom of movement during any form of exercise.

Shape Retention:

Through a range of movement Merino will stretch and mould with you and then return to its natural shape- perfect for the longevity of the garment.

Ease & Resistance

Merino Wool yarns construct a natural protective outer layer preventing stains being absorbed and make the garment less prone to pilling. It has a natural protection from UV light and is fire resistant.


Women's JAGGAD Merino Tech™ Garments:

(L- R)

Laura wears the Aurora Muscle Tank In Grey Marle

Sarah wears the Centre Piece Draped Tank in Phantom


(L- R)

Laura wears the Aurora Muscle Tank In Navy

Sarah wears the Right Direction Muscle Tank in Winter Rose


Men's JAGGAD Merino Tech™ Garments


Anthony wears the Gravity 8-Stripe Muscle Tank in Grey Marle

Anthony wears the Crator LS Tee in Granite


Anthony wears the Hemisphere 8 Stripe Tee in Coronet Blue

Anthony wears the Ultraviolet Jaggad Muscle Tank in Surf


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