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Train together with Runnez

Train together with Runnez

Train together with Runnez

Some people love it, some people hate it. But most importantly and undeniably, running allows one to feel better physically, mentally and emotionally- the benefits are enormous! 


Running is quite simply, the easiest and most convenient way to keep fit.

That is why people love it and brings us to talk about Runnez.

Our JAGGAD team, who except for a few are avid runners on a daily to weekly basis, the majority of our team bring little running to none into their exercise regime.. therefore, as you can imagine, we were all nervous coming into this training session!


On a Tuesday before lunchtime we ventured out as a group to Chelsea Heights for our indoor running session held on treadmills. Unlike anything we have done before, it instantly had us hooked! This session, hosted by creator and Head Coach of Runnez- Rick, with his enthusiasm and passion for runnning distracted all those thoughts of giving up and kept us entertained throughout, quickly putting our minds and nerves at ease and it was safe to say we were converted when the class came to an end!


We caught up with Rick, creator of Runnez and Head Coach to tell us more about Runnez and Runnez Virtual!


Tell us about the Runnez! How did this idea come about as we haven’t seen or heard of this before you guys!?

RUNNEZ sessions are quality running sessions for everybody. With a duration of 45 minutes, they are based on elite programs but at RUNNEZ everyone is running at their own perceived rate of exertion, or their own race pace, the individual controls their speed. In 2007 we brought it indoors, so all our athletes could run at their own paces without feeling any pressure or being intimidated by more experienced runners. The main reason for this was although I love the running science, I love the camaraderie of team sport and wanted everyone to prosper. I have trained 1000s of athletes of many varying levels, its really cool when you have 30 people in front of you all running at very different speeds but all gaining the same stimulus from the session. You will see a marathoner running next to an AFL footballer, running next to a 75 year old lady, running next to a teenager who is running for fitness. All running at very different paces.

The main reason for its success is RUNNEZ enables people to be consistent with their high intensity running, because the session is all about them, and they improve intelligently at their own rate. If they are having a good day they can work a little harder, if they are a little tired they can pull it back bit. There is never any pressure. Any one will tell you that the major ingredient to any athletic success in continuity, and we enable that. We have many athletes who have been with us for over a decade.


What is Runnez’s philosophy?

We are passionate about  intelligent, patient hard work.

Every set, rep, session, and program has a purpose.   

We love running physiology and programming for success, but we also love having a bloody good time and having lots of laughs.

We try to enjoy every minute.

We believe in running for the mind and body and have a mediation room at RUNNEZ HQ, as part of a holistic approach to training and life.


We run through 4 components in a month

  • Fartlek - speed play
  • Aerobic repeats -longer intervals
  • Hills-  short to long and always optional
  • Speed Endurance - quicker work


And the athletes who have races or fun runs ahead will be complementing  these sessions with some structured volume running outdoors.


Take us through what a typical class would be for a newcomer to Runnez- what can we expect?

Very relaxed intro, I will explain the rating of exertion scale. How they judge their speed. Beginners disregard the race pace.

To see a video of the intro go to our app in iTunes or Google Play.


60%- very easy jog almost a walk

70%-  a little quicker can hold for a while, can talk- marathon race pace

80%- can talk a few words at a time - half marathon  - 10km race pace

90% -very hard not much talking if any - 10km -5km race pace

95% - harder again no talking 5km - 1500 race pace

100%- Maximal, hardest effort you can do on that day - 800m race pace


There are lots of recoveries, and you can walk or jump off whenever you need.

We also have a back row consisting of cross trainers, bikes, a rower and an assault bike, we have 100 people a week who use the back row for their RUNNEZ  session if they prefer that modality of training or are unable to run…. and it's a great workout.


There are a few different classes on offer at your studio- what are the main differences between them? Do they vary depending on fitness levels?

All our programs at developed for any level, we have created a high performance model for the general population.

Beginners always pick it up very quick and again it is their session not ours, so there is never any pressure.


RUNNEZ Live is the traditional RUNNEZ sessions mentioned above, I have coached them every day for over 11 years, and love them every day!


RUNNEZ Virtual is our brand new RUNNEZ app which we have put on the TVs for anyone who misses the live sessions and wants to get in for a quality sess, it is myself  on the TVs with two athletes behind me running, I am coaching through the session, and their are lots of visual and audio props as well a bit of rubbish spoken.


RUNNEZ Strength and Conditioning  We are passionate about high performance athletic development, RUNNEZ S&C - is a 45 minute session, it is a session for every human who wants to move, feel, perform better.

It is made up of some primal lifts, some injury prevention and core work and a conditioning segment, that will get you heaving for air.  It is a session in which we build the runners body.

You also have a program called Runnez Virtual- what does this entail?

Our new app is in iTunes and Google Play as well as via  It is everything mentioned above on the highest quality film with myself guiding you through each session. We have runners behind me on treadmills on a lot of the sessions who are your teammates. We film in parks, tracks, film studios, RUNNEZ HQ, and trails.


It is the most authentic genuine way to enable everyone worldwide to benefit from the RUNNEZ system.


The app is for everyone! We have the typical sessions we have done in HQ for years.  We have walking and jogging programs, if you are brand new, tips and tricks, and every month we add content, with a heap more RUNNEZ sessions and strength and conditioning sessions to be added shortly as well as films from our  resident experts in dietetics, injury rehab and meditation.


You can use RUNNEZ Virtual anywhere at all, on the treadmill you can watch us  on your TV, phone, iPad or tablet, or put us in your ears and go to the track, trails, road or grass.


Like RUNNEZ HQ the RUNNEZ App is a world first and we are very excited to continue to educate and motivate, athletes everywhere.


“ If you have a body you’re an athlete”

-Bill Bowerman


What are the major benefits from your Runnez classes?

  • Improvement of general mood and well being  
  • Improved overall mental and emotional health
  • Increased energy levels
  • Increased productivity
  • Improvement of physiological and biomechanical factors, Vo2max, Lactate Threshold and running economy.
  • Improvement in performance in specific sport
  • Improved sleep
  • Decrease in body fat and improved body composition
  • Weightloss
  • Increased muscular endurance
  • Increase in overall strength
  • Improved cardiovascular health  
  • Improved bone density


Where is Runnez based?

RUNNEZ HQ is based in Chelsea Heights in the South Eastern Bayside area of Melbourne…. But now with the RUNNEZ App you can do Runnez anywhere and everywhere worldwide!


Thanks so much for having our team!!!


View more information about Runnez Here:

Runnez App:


Links to our Runnez App social media are:


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