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K-Kore: A new way to train!

K-Kore: A new way to train!

K-Kore: A new way to train! 

The Megaformer.


Yes you heard correctly, not ‘Reformer’…. MEGAFORMER.


Situated in Port Melbourne, K-Kore studio offers this unique method of Lagree Fitness to give you a full body workout- and boy did we feel the burn!!


Our JAGGAD team recently went to test out the Megaformer, the workout that became loved by many celebrities and fans across the world featuring slow repetitive movements, challenging yet suitable for all fitness types to support you to get fitter, stronger and leaner!


We caught up with Kylie Archer, owner of K-Kore to help explain what it’s all about…


Tell us about the Lagree method that K-Kore demonstrates- what is it?

Let’s be honest, Lagree Fitness is a challenging workout!


The Lagree Method is an efficient, full-body, and fat-burning workout. It is intense but low-impact. A lot of people like to call the Lagree Method "pilates on steroids' and this is true in a sense. However, unlike Pilates the Lagree method adopts slow and controlled movements of at least 4 seconds in, 4 seconds out. Slow and controlled movements activate the slow-twitch fat-burning muscle fibres.


As Meghan Markle says, "Your body will change almost immediately."



Take us through what a typical class at K-Kore consists of and what we can expect? Do you have multiple classes on offer for different fitness levels? 

All of our classes at K-Kore are performed on the Megaformer and while we do offer an introductory class called MegaKore “Basics” (aimed at people in their first or second class), we try not to segment classes into Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. Sebastien Lagree believes Lagree classes should be for everyone – accordingly, we offer modifications and advancements to clients.


Each class at K-Kore is 45 minutes in duration and is broken down into blocks of exercises for the core, obliques, legs and upper body. However, most of the exercises in Lagree are compound exercises, meaning they work several body parts at once.


During each class you should expect to sweat and feel your muscles shake at times throughout the class. It is a workout that leaves you feeling energized and stronger.


Similar but different to a Pilates reformer- what makes Megaformer classes unique from other studios?

 A few other things stand out including the tempo. The Lagree Method adopts slow controlled movements allowing the entire muscle to be worked during an exercise, giving clients that long lean look. The transitions are super quick which is quite different to a normal pilates class. The Lagree philosophy is that shorter transitions don’t allow for muscle recovery which in turn gets you better results.



Following on- what is the difference between Pilate’s reformer and a Megaformer?

While there are a few similarities between the Reformer and the Megaformer, the Megaformer is huge! I love it! It is over 3m long, weighs a tonne and unlike the reformer, has 2 different ends - one which pushes against tension and one which pulls against tension. 


Sebastien Lagree is constantly looking at ways to improve the design which means it’s constantly evolving. The Reformer hasn’t changed much in decades.


Who is Megaformer best suited to and how often should people practice it? 

As mentioned above, Sebastien Lagree stresses that Lagree Fitness is for everyone. For all ages, body types, levels of fitness and athletic ability. To get the best results the method should be practiced 3 or 4 times per week.


What are the major benefits from your K-Kore classes?

Improved strength, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, mobility through joints, balance and stability. One of the major benefits that clients notice is help with lower back pain due to significant improvement in core strength.


Now going into this class it is deceiving how hard it will be, but you will walk away feeling the burn for days- what advice do you have for newcomers to K-Kore?


Try coming along to a basics class which gives you a good foundation on what Lagree Fitness is all about, then try not to leave it any longer than 3-4 days before returning for a second class.


Also be aware that while the workout is intense it is low impact so there is virtually no risk of injury. You will be sore after your first class, this is a given, but this is a good thing!!


To learn more about K-Kore and sign up to try some of their classes visit: 



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