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GOAL SETTING: How to master and achieve your goals for 2018.

GOAL SETTING: How to master and achieve your goals for 2018.

GOAL SETTING: How to master and achieve your goals for 2018.

Goal setting is such an important part of moving forward in this day and age. Setting these goals at the start of the year allows one to put their best foot forward and find that inner motivation to get the most out of the year ahead!


Reflecting on the past allows you to see what worked, what didn’t and where you can improve so you can reach your goals. Despite our good intentions, we often fail to continue with the enthusiasm with which we start. The key thing to remember is to start with baby steps!!


Goals vary from person to person and they need to be specific to you, and your lifestyle.


Here are our key points for setting your goals for 2018.


It’s one small step...

So many of us miss out on reaching our goals because we aim WAY too high. Take small steps or highlight smaller targets that will take you in the direction of reaching your ultimate goal.


Also, cut yourself some slack! Don’t put so much pressure on yourself otherwise you will lose motivation to achieve them! It’s better to stay stimulated and tick off three goals along the way than just the one!


Let’s document it!

If you didn’t write it down, it never happened right?


The sequence of writing your goals down, referring to them whenever you need a bit of inspiration, and then ticking them off when completed is just so rewarding!


Make them specific- easy to measure, achievable and break them down. Writing a brief timeline always helps or…


Maybe set some deadlines if needed.

It is such a great feeling reaching a goal- remember that feeling?!?


Celebrating a small win will keep you more motivated to reach that next goal!


Stay positive, as it will bring about the best results! Reward yourself for achieving your goals within the specific timeframes and if you fall short of the mark, no stress- observe and reflect on what went wrong or what can be changed for you to now tick off this target!


Give yourself a breather sometimes!

Ease the pressure of meeting your deadlines by allowing yourself some quality breathing space and R&R- it is all about BALANCE!

Take a rest day, don’t stress if you have a cheat day here and there- it is life and you must listen to your mind, and your body!


It’s more likely you will be able to achieve your goals when you are thinking positively about the goal than resenting it. 


Refresh. Clear your mind. Reset. And, keep taking those small steps!


Reward yourself!

The year will come to an end, or the day will come where you have met your deadline and that goal you wanted to achieve has arrived!!! YAY!


Acknowledge your achievement and stand tall, stand proud, this is the feeling you have been waiting for! Remember this feeling when setting your next set of goals for the New Year. This spurs inspiration to keep kicking your goals so why not celebrate!


Here is an insight into what our JAGGAD team is pledging and aiming for this year to live a #LIFEATHLETIC:


JESS: Online Co-oordinator

  • No more Chocolate!



  • Find the small wins daily with food, exercise and time.
  • I would love to totally change my diet and find more time for me overnight…. but that’s not possible with a busy lifestyle, kids etc so instead I will start with something each day. Rather than set huge goals, I’m breaking it down to achievable wins – hopefully to achieve a much bigger picture!!
  • This week – no alcohol, I will run every morning or lunchtime and I will eat only whole foods (meat, veg, salad, minus the carbs).  This won’t change my lifestyle at all but I know they are all achievable.


DAN: Digital Content & E-commerce Specialist

Drop below 100kg - so it’s basically cycle more.


SALLY- Production Manager

  • Less snacking in between meals; and if I really have to snack, I’ll keep to healthier options like nuts, fresh fruit or low-sugar yoghurt
  • Be more vigilant with sugar intake and reduce where I can


GEORGIE M- Marketing & Communications

  • Move more- Do at least 30 minutes of exercise each day even when having a lazy day, you will feel better for it! 
  • Tone up those arms!


MICHELLE- Creative Director

  • Not to let lack of time be an excuse for not exercising
  • Cook more with my family


CAM: Senior Accountant

  • Drop 5kg


GEORGIE P – Head Designer

  • Tone up
  • Maintain a healthy, nutritional eating plan.


SHOWMYA:  Merchandise Planner

  • Incorporate more weights into my workouts
  • Learn to work with the machines at the gym (have no idea how to work anything except the treadmill)
  • Drink more water (am so bad at doing this)


How are you going to be living a #lifeathletic this year? 



Images by Hugh Davies taken at F45 Moorabbin

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