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Beautiful balance & modern ambience: One Hot Yoga Studio

Beautiful balance & modern ambience: One Hot Yoga Studio

Beautiful balance & modern ambience: One Hot Yoga Studio

The beautiful, lustrous and architect-designed studio of One Hot Yoga based in South Yarra, offers a modern ambience, peaceful space for practice and became a complimentary setting for our Rebecca Judd for JAGGAD campaign. 


Yoga rooms warming to a comfortable 37 degrees and Reformer classes at room temperature, these classes are made to gain benefits to health; mind & body!


With the overarching theme behind this collection being ‘Balance’, rediscovering or trying something new in the form of movement amongst your daily lifestyle, One Hot Yoga is the perfect space to take time for yourself, and to stay at a natural state of wellbeing


If you live in Melbourne, you only have to look around to see that you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to how or where you want to exercise in particular Yoga or Pilates and One Hot Yoga sure has our tick of approval for a space to take time out, relax, be mindful and focus on your body.


Here, Lucinda from One Hot Yoga helps explain what it’s all about…


What is One Hot’s philosophy?

One is a uniquely modern idea; philosophy engaged with through the body, rather than a discourse of the mind. A spirituality that embraces emotion, sweat and pleasure. A sacred space that is respectful, welcoming and looks and feels gorgeous. Our vision is nothing short of world peace; one brilliantly guided meaningful movement class in architect designed studios at a time. Our founding idea was a 37ºC hot yoga studio. 37ºC is our core body temperature. When the ambient temperature is the same as our internal temperature, the sense of the self ending at our skin begins to dissolve – this is the central spirituality of yoga, to experience a transcendence of self and interconnectedness. In this way, the physical space truly, magically supports the spiritual practice – the experience of becoming One. Since 2012 we have added other modalities, including Yin and Power Yoga, Meditation and Mat and Reformer Pilates, but always with the same aspiration – Meaning Through Movement.


As individuals we are one, but as one we are complete.


Your studios are truly beautiful, after going to the Melbourne one you feel so invigorated & motivated to sweat amongst such a simplistic space, what was the key design aspects that came into mind when designing the space and what stands out in comparison to other studio spaces?

The studios are designed (and part owned) by Australia’s foremost Residential Architect Rob Mills. “I wanted to connect with the yoga community in terms of a purpose-built space that was generous, tactile and delivered a sense of care and quality,” says Mills. 

Recognising that customers would take cues from everything they see, touch and smell, RMA knew that the interior architecture had to do its job quickly to convey integrity and connect to the ethos. The palette of natural materials, grey tones, polished concrete floors and white-painted brick walls imparts a sense of simplicity and calm. The ambiance at the Pilates studios is more intense with charcoal grey walls, (inspired the home of the Pilates method, New York), and brass lights and cabinets, which give a sensory aspect to the space.

Using the bones of a recycled industrial building, RMA has conjured up an environment where a rich, textured and layered interior of extensive smoked-oak joinery, hand-made furnishings and polished concrete floors evoke a sophisticated space rarely seen in the world of exercise studios.


Tell us about your studios and the types of classes that you offer

Both Melbourne and Sydney studios offer 37ºC Slow Hot Flow, 30ºC Slow Warm Flow, 27ºC Power Flow, Yin Yoga and Hot Mat Pilates and Reformer Pilates. We also offer Private classes in all modalities, a robust workshop schedule from our own teachers and internationals, a yearly retreat and in 2018, we are beyond excited to be scheduling our first inaugural 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, which will be very special. We are also rolling out One Hot Heart which is a yoga class with intervals to strengthen your physical heart – the cardio pulmonary system, as well as the emotional heart through meditation.


What is the difference between your yoga flows; Slow Hot Flow, Power Flow, Level Two Power Flow, Yin, Friday Flow & One Hot Still. 

What benefits do they have?

Slow Hot Flow is our signature sequence, practiced in the hot room, and is zero impact, slow, deep muscle recruiting, alignment focused, intense, mindful, sweaty flow. It is amazing and is suitable for most people as long as you are OK with heat. Power Flow is in the 27ºC studio and is faster moving, using the larger muscles and building heat internally, with Level Two building on the foundations used in open classes. Yin is also in the warm studio, and involves longer, supported holds using plenty of props. The body is kept still for a couple of minutes in each pose, and the challenge is to make the inside as still as the outside! Our Friday night classes change month to month, so sign up to our newsletter to find out about party classes, themed flows, Pilates and so much more. One Hot Still starts as an easy yoga flow and moves gradually into a seated meditation – it’s a fantastic introduction to mindfulness, or a wonderful group practice if you already meditate regularly.


And you have Pilates classes on offer too- Reformer & Hot Mat Pilates, is there much of a difference in these practices? …. Apart from the reformer bed factor!

Pilates and Yoga work in powerful synergy with each other, and we highly recommend practicing both (hence our signature membership is One Hot Everything, where you can attend unlimited classes in all our Meaningful Movement modalities). The Pilates Method began as a series of mat exercises, which require and promote superb strength, flexibility, co-ordination and control to be able to do well. Joseph Pilates then invented apparatus to assist those who were not in peak physical condition to build the components of beautiful movement. The reformer is the most versatile of the equipment he invented, and its unique spring system trains both eccentric and concentric movement. It teaches true core activation, which in turn sculpts the famous pilates waist and lean, long limbs. Its perfect to be able to combine matwork and reformer classes to really improve posture, movement and shape.




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