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Wildebeest X Jaggad

Wildebeest X Jaggad



Towards the end of last year, Jaggad partnered with production company Wildebeest, in a short film unfolding the beautiful formations of the land meeting the fluidity of the human body. Natural and untouched.

Talia Peretz, dedicated yogi, balanced on rocky terrains in the desert of California and Arizona, and bent, flexed and stretched her body to be one with nature and the natural backdrops that surrounded her.

Directed by Julian Lucas & Jarred Osborn, the film was shot over two days unveiling the cohesive nature where the Ocean meets the sunken desert.

Our range for SS15, with print inspiration from the ocean, the geometric formations through colour and print stood out amongst the earthy tones of the environment. With awing angles ranging from close-up flows of the body through yoga to still moments to capture the essence of the surrounding, this short film ‘Ocean’ truly captures the mood of being present and one with nature and yourself.

Wildebeest is based in Melbourne and specialises in ads, music videos and short films.

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