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Woodshed Event

Woodshed Event

Woodshed Event

In October 2015, in conjunction with our SS15 collection was the opening of The Bachelor, Sam Wood’s new gym and training facility- The Woodshed.

Smiles, toned bodies and tans filled the room as a bunch of social media stars from around Australia gathered ready for a workout instructed by Sam. Phones were at the ready for quick snapping, ‘gramming’ and exchanging social tips.

All girls were decked out in our latest spring, summer and core range ranging from the sky print soft pastels to the ocean print with cool blues. Topped with a personalised Jaggad trucker cap the girls were ready to train.  

A 28-minute circuit with 4 rotations is what was on the mix for the day as everyone split into four groups to start the sweat session. High intensity reps, explosive actions and heart rates were up. Challenging, tiring and sweaty everyone by the end had red, yet smiley faces after a fun yet strengthening workout.

Post workout smoothies and protein fuelled treats were on hand for quick replenishments at the end and a take-home sample of Four Protein.

Social was hot, friends were made, garments were taken through the paces and even the photo-booth got a bit of a workout.

Take a glimpse of the action in the video below:


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