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#onechange Event with AIA Vitality presenting the #LauraxJAGGAD Capsule Collection

#onechange Event with AIA Vitality presenting the #LauraxJAGGAD Capsule Collection

#onechange Event with AIA Vitality presenting the Laura Henshaw x JAGGAD Capsule Collection

On Sunday 3rd February 2019 we welcomed a new month, and brought together over 200 women to spread the word, and mission, to make Australia the world’s healthiest nation, #onechange at a time.


AIA Vitality is a company that supports and takes you on a personal pathway to better health, and rewards you for it.  AIA VITALITY partnered with us for the day to support the launch of the Laura Henshaw x JAGGAD Capsule Collection, with a workout hosted by JAGGAD, AIA Vitality Ambassador and Keep it Cleaner Co-founder, Laura Henshaw.


We held this event at the Crown Aviary, an amazing rooftop space which we filled with key partner stalls from GarminMyOwnKeep it Cleaner and Endota Spa.  Over 200 women sweated it out in the Melbourne heat, then spent time at the different stalls, enjoying their offerings and learning how they can help influence others to “make Australia the world’s healthiest nation”.


Parallel to this, was a large clear marquee space that was filled with 200 yoga mats for guests to undertake a workout. Walking into this marquee space you were hit with fresh breeze of air conditioning on this 38 degree Melbourne day so guests could workout in comfort.


As guests arrived decked head to toe in the #LauraxJAGGAD Collection, each were fitted with a Garmin watch specialising in tracking your steps- key for our workout ahead. Garmin represented the idea of monitoring your health and fitness journey each day, allowing you to watch and track your journey to achieve your goals and encourage you to move your body each day.  


Pre or post workout guests could enjoy a massage from the wonderful women at Endota Spa, and see key products from their spa treatments packages. Endota Spa promoted the idea of taking time to look after your body and in turn your mind- spending quality 'me' time is important to your overall health. Relaxing, unwinding and de-stressing is crucial to healthy living, with the focus being to help you reconnect with your best self through physical and emotional replenishment.


Keep it Cleaner, Laura’s baby she co-founded with friend Steph Claire Smith, provided lots of yummy Bliss Balls and Kombucha for guests to fuel their bodies. Keep it Cleaner believes in the importance of nurturing and looking after your body from pre to post workout with food and drinks that create happy tummies. 


MyOwn provided a take home goodie pack filled with key information on insurance- promoting that health insurance shouldn't just protect you when things go wrong- it should help you to live a healthier and longer life too. 


The styling of the marquee and key branding was filled with hues of red to support AIA Vitality’s key colours, and hues of white, pink and gold to compliment the colour palette of Laura’s Capsule Collection with JAGGAD.


Sketch & Etch Creative provided 3-D branding for both JAGGAD and AIA Vitality using mirror materials to bounce light and create interest. JAGGAD’s was found at the entrance of the rooftop in a rose gold finish to pick up the gold in Laura’s key accents used throughout her styled capsule pieces.


Walking into the main marquee for the workout, a stage filled the front with signage spelling '#ONECHANGE' and 'AIA Vitality' created by Sketch and Etch Creative. The mantra of the day was for each guest to leave the event pledging their #onechange they are choosing to make this year to support their own health and fitness journey.


Balloons from Belle Balloons in varying shades of red, white and pink framed the stage. Steve, Co-founder of JAGGAD, and Damien, CEO of AIA Vitality, took turns in speaking about the partnership and common goals of both brands before introducing Laura to undertake the workout.


Laura and Keep It Cleaner’s PT trainer Dan, took the girls through 4 blocks of 5-minute workouts with a mixture of strength exercises and HIIT. The energy in the room was infectious. With everyone working out together it was hard not be enjoying yourself and it was great to see so many smiling faces during a tough workout! Tunes helped soften the strenuous workout with beats played by DJ Khanh Ong.

Post workout, guests mingled and were asked to then scribe their #onechange on the media wall, to document and feel accountable for the year ahead, a pledge to take away with them. 


We cannot thank our partners enough for helping bring together such an amazing event and taking the time on their Sunday to sweat and work (out) with us! A big shout out to the One Two Agency for all their hard work collating and organising all aspects to bring the day together.


Crown Melbourne, thank you for your hospitality and letting us take over your rooftop space for this morning, it was the perfect space!


AIA Vitality, thank you for joining forces with us for this event and our continued partnership to educate, climb and reach new goals in the health and fitness industry.


Garmin, thank you for supporting all guests on their health and fitness journey with one-step in the right direction.


Endota Spa, thank you for making our guests feel comfortable and relaxed pre & post workout with neck massages.


Keep it Cleaner, thank you for providing all guests with yummy treats and all your continuous support. It was a natural and perfect fit having Dan and Laura take the workout being an ambassador and launching her range, and it was amazing to be around Laura’s community.


Laura is an amazing role model to all women, across all ages to empower and strive for healthy living and balance and will continue for many generations to come.

We have been so excited to launch the Laura Henshaw x JAGGAD Capsule Collection and this day was the most ideal morning with perfect weather, partners, guests and location- Melbourne really turned it on!


Overall, this was a fantastic launch of Laura's Capsule Collection, and promotion of everything Laura represents to help make Australia the world's healthiest nation, #onechange at a time. 




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