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Meet Laura Henshaw | JAGGAD Ambassador

Meet Laura Henshaw | JAGGAD Ambassador

Meet Laura Henshaw | JAGGAD Ambassador

Laura Henshaw is an Australian model, law student and entrepreneur continually making her mark in the health and wellness industry promoting her passions for health & fitness and motivating and inspiring others to love the skin you’re in.


Our purpose at JAGGAD is to empower women to live an active and health lifestyle with confidence. Laura celebrates her successes and challenges daily whilst at the same time, encouraging hundreds of thousands of women around the world to live a healthy and well balanced lifestyle. 


Laura is co-founder of ‘Keep it Cleaner’, a health and fitness app that is life-balancing and life-changing. 'KIC' also has an assortment of health & wellness products to accompany the online platform which includes healthy options which can be found in supermarkets all around Australia.

Michelle Greene, Creative Director of JAGGAD comments, “We are so excited to announce Laura as a JAGGAD ambassador. Laura is always smiling, and is an energetic, confident, entrepreneurial woman who epitomises living a “life athletic”. She is also honest and authentic in the way she portrays herself to those that follow her journey making her the ultimate role model.”


Beautiful inside and out, Laura resonates with many people being always authentic with her audience; telling the honest truth when it comes to working hard, staying fit, healthy and living a balanced lifestyle.



We are thrilled to announce Laura joining the JAGGAD family as we continue to inspire those to live a balanced lifestyle and a 'life athletic'.


Read on to learn more about Laura Henshaw: JAGGAD’s latest Ambassador:

What does a typical day for Laura look like?

I wake up around 6:30am, have my coffee and do my morning KIC workout- my workout is my ‘me time’ to get me focused and ready for the day. The rest of the day is always different – I will either head into the office, have meetings or be shooting for KIC. I usually get home about 5:30-6:30pm and then try to switch off from all work by 8pm so my partner and I can spend some time together and wind down before bedtime at 10pm.


What do you love about Jaggad and what does it mean to you to become a brand ambassador?

I have worn, loved and worked with JAGGAD for over 4 years now and I am so proud to be a brand ambassador for such an incredible company. I love everything JAGGAD stand for and the 'life athletic' message they send about balance, and being active. It is my favourite gear to train in as the tights stay up and aren’t see through and the compression fabric and leggings are fantastic.


What do you typically look for in your workout clothes? 

I love workout gear that I can wear all day and still look stylish, but at the same time the gear HAS to perform when I am training. That is why I love JAGGAD so much!


Favourite JAGGAD pieces?

  1. The 7/8 Printed Leggings – I love the beautiful prints and designs that JAGGAD creates and how flattering they are on a woman’s body. The new Alpine range is beautiful.
  2. JAGGAD's Compression Leggings- I live in these in Winter!!
  3. The new Kuro High Waisted Panelled 7/8 Leggings – they are the perfect waist height and so good for training as they support and don't fall down.
  4. The Utopia Burnout SS Tee- My fave training tee ever. So comfy and so easy to wear from gym to brunch, or meetings and I love the new colour with the gold. 


All time favourite pair of JAGGAD leggings? 

AH! I think it would have to be the Rainforest tight from SS17. However, I am very lucky to have seen some of the upcoming ranges and I have a few faves in there too. I can’t wait for them to come out so I can wear them!


How do you live a ‘Life Athletic’ and what does living a ‘LIFE ATHLETIC’ mean to you?

For me a living a 'life athletic' means moving my body everyday, enjoying life and finding balance for work and play. I am still working on the work, life balance aspect (I don’t think there is a perfect balance!) but I do try to not take each day so seriously and enjoy my life, which I think is what it is all about.


Your workout program ‘KIC’ is taking the health and fitness industry by storm, congratulations! It is amazing!!! Tell us about your workout program.

Aw thank you! We have been totally overwhelmed by the growth and support of our amazing KIC Community. Steph and I created the KIC program to offer women a one click destination to get everything we wish to find in one place on the internet for your health and overall wellbeing. We offer a new workout everyday (which Steph and I do with the girls) with our PT Dan Kennedy, as well as a beautiful healthy, budget friendly meal plan, and advice from our psychologist and GP on women's health. Our workouts are HIIT, Strength, Boxing and Running.


With social media being such a great way to communicate with your audience, (particularly for your community of ‘KIC’ girls) what is the best thing about these social platforms and I guess the pitfalls of social media- Do you have any advice or comments on this for the younger generations looking to become ‘influencers’?

Social media has be an amazing platform to grow our business, however with so many young girls following KIC, this is a responsibility myself and Steph take really seriously. Social media can be really harming for young girls self esteem because of the normality it puts around pictures of beautiful women and the ‘perfect’ body. I recommend all young girls use it as a tool for inspiration and follow women they really look up to and aspire to, and if they do start to feel down about themselves to reassess who they are following and clean up their social media. For anyone looking to become an influencer I would recommend, finding your niche and also not excepting to become ‘famous’ overnight. And to of course focus on school / uni/ your job business etc, most influencers work as well as run their accounts and only once they have turned it into a business do they take it on full time.

Now being in the depth of winter (sigh) do you have any tips on staying motivated to workout- particularly fitting in between daily errands, work, uni etc.

My biggest tip for motivation is to not to expect to be motivated every time. I would only work out 10% of the time if I only trained when I was motivated. I try not to think about it too much, schedule in my sessions and just get them done as I know the motivation will come once I get going. To fit more in, it is important to be organised. Write to do lists, limit your time wasting time on social media and tick things off as you go.


Given your schedule with balancing studying and work your days are constantly changing, how do you find time to prioritise your fitness?

My workout is my me time and so I know if I skip it I won’t be as productive or energized during the day. I prioritise this as highly as meetings, work etc.


…And juggling your social life?

I switch off at 8pm each night to spent time with Dalton, and always make sure I schedule in time with my friends on the weekends.


Having worked as a model for quite some time and now a key face in the health and fitness industry, what is one thing you wish you knew when you started?

I think the one thing I wish I knew was how much of a mental impact modelling would have on me when I started, and I wish I didn’t put so much pressure on myself to look a certain way. I am now at a point where I exercise and eat well for how it makes me feel and I have balance which has made such a positive difference for my mental health.

And in the health and fitness industry, my only regret is not starting my blog earlier.


We love little life hacks or tips from busy women like yourself, especially when you are going from ‘workout’ to ‘work’- what are some thing’s you can’t go without to tackle your day ahead?

My biggest one is dry shampoo- I rarely have time to wash my hair after training and so I spray in some dry shampoo and I am good to go.


What would be the best piece of advice you have received to support you to where you are now, and what motivates you to keep going?

The best piece of advice is to never underestimate the power of hard work. You have every opportunity in front of you, however you HAVE to be willing to work to get there. What motivates me now to keep going it our beautiful KIC community. They bring Steph and myself so much joy and hearing their health stories/wins and journeys is the most motivating thing in the world for me.


What’s next on your to-do list?

We are working on lots of new things for KIC.. I cant share yet- but cannot wait until I can. One of our most recent projects is something Steph and I have always dreamed of.


Here we go, speed round time! Please answer or finish the following sentences:

Favourite food?

Our healthy choc chip cookies ... I am obsessed.


Coffee or tea?



I love to workout in….

My Jaggad gear


My guilty indulgence is…

Hot chips


I relax by…

Running or spending time by the beach


My favourite workout exercise is…

I actually love burpees!


Go-to snack?

KIC Choc cherry protein bar


I can’t live without…

My phone


Currently obsessed with….

JAGGAD's Kuro High Waisted 7/8 Leggings

 Shop Laura's look- Alpine Floral Collection Here


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