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Celebrating Wool

Celebrating Wool

We at Jaggad, are proudly celebrating Wool week in support of The Woolmark Company.

Merino wool is our fibre of choice for an array of performance garments each collection. Wool is a natural quality fibre making it both comfortable and stylish fit for any training conditions.

These are some of the benefits and reasons why we choose to include Merino Wool garments each season:

1. Moisture Management

Merino wool garments transfer moisture vapour away from the body helping you to keep cool and dry during exercise.

2. Temperature Regulation

Merino is an active fibre that offers excellent protection from the extremes of temperature. It keeps you warm in the cooler conditions and cool in the hot to handle any form of training.

3. Odour Control

The complex chemical structure that makes up Merino Wool means it locks away unpleasant odour molecules making a more tolerable training session for you and your workout buddies! It absorbs moisture vapour therefore, a reduction in sweat plus, you will smell better!

4. Comfort

The Merino fibre has natural elasticity providing comfort and feels soft and luxurious on your skin!

5. Shape Retention

Merino wool stretches with you through a range of movement and any form of exercise to then return to its natural shape! These garments are ideal for stretch related activities such as the gym, barre or yoga.

6. Ease & Stain Resistance

Have tops that are cleaner for longer and as a bonus, easy to wash!

The Merino fibre has a natural protective outer layer that prevents stains being absorbed therefore making washing that much easier!

7. And lastly Merino Wool is NATURAL, BIODEGRADABLE & RENEWABLE- amazing for activewear!!!


                    Vineyard Long Sleeve Tee- 89.95                                 Racerback Singlet -$74.95

 Black Tee2NavyMuscle2

                             Black Jaggad Tee- $79.95                                   Navy Muscle Tank- $74.95


To read more about Merino Wool and the Woolmark Company click HERE

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