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Quick sweat session with Marika Day

Quick sweat session with Marika Day

Quick sweat session with Marika Day

Being an accredited Nutritionist specialising in Gut and Women’s Health, Marika empowers and builds confidence in women daily encouraging her clients to live and enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle and to love the skin their in.


Marika states " definition of health is very is all about balance. Health isn’t going to the gym 7 days a week or never eating a single bad thing. Health is about living your best life and I think we forget that may look different on everyone." 


In terms of her training, Marika hosts a strong focus in strength training, to help rehab a few injuries she has carried for some time. Typically her week involves 3-4 strength sessions plus either a circuit or a short run. 

Marika likes to mix-up her training to keep exercising interesting. Here is a preview of a circuit Marika does that is a full body, strength based that will firstly get your heart rate up, but also get you nice and sweaty!!

 This is inspired by Marika utilising the Base Body Gym in Sydney. 


45 seconds on each, 15 seconds rest between each exercise. 

Kettle bell goblet squats 

Kettle bell Romanian deadlifts 

Dumbbell shoulder press 

Walk outs with a push up 

Alternating leg lowers 

Plank hold 

Assault bike or skipping 


Complete this circuit 4 times through with 90 seconds rest between each round. 


Marika is currently working alongside health and fitness mentors Felicia and Diana of Base Body Babes. Together, they are currently working on some exciting projects that will be coming out over the next few years.

On top of this, with Marika's focus on her nutrition clinic in Sydney she does state: "With the Base Body Babes we have created the most beautiful space for nutrition consultations. Outside of that I just want to keep creating and sharing nutrition content in any way possible."


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