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Rebecca Judd for JAGGAD: The Collection

Rebecca Judd for JAGGAD: The Collection

Rebecca Judd for JAGGAD: The Collection

For everyone that knows Rebecca Judd she is hard-working and is one of the busiest and best known personalities in Australia- a household name, a mother, model, presenter, brand ambassador, speech pathologist, wife of Chris Judd just to name a few, she covers it all!


This collaboration was a natural fit for JAGGAD with Bec being a co-founder, an icon in the fashion industry, mother of four, and actively living a healthy & well-balanced lifestyle everyday.


The overarching theme behind this collection is about 'Balance', rediscovering or trying something new in the form of movement in amongst you daily lifestyle, to take time for yourself, and to stay at a natural state of wellbeing.

Key design lines and Bec’s favourite colour palette of the season have inspired incorporating six pieces to this first collection.


Bec Judd comments, "The range was designed to be mixed and matched so that all pieces complement each other, both in colour palette and silhouettes.

 I love when clever design lines can accentuate a woman's best features and I aimed to do this in the tights with the arches over the hips and the long lines down the side of the legs. The aim was to highlight leg length and give a shapely hip area.”


This colour palette has a calming feel to it with pastel hues tied in with monochrome and navy tones, it is a flattering, feminine and appealing collection to transition from a busy day at work, to practice & back to your daily do's.


With a strong fashion-forward influence, a key feature of this collection is a statement back with a subtle connotation & connection to getting back into a ‘Life Athletic’, rediscovering exercise and to find a balance between lifestyle & wellbeing.


Mesh paneling featured on The Balanced Racer Crop Bra and Tranquility Loose Fit Racer Singlet highlight a strong link to breathability. The Cowl Back feature on the Unity Playsuit allows you to show off a pop of colour and statement crop. The distressed cutout design on the Harmony Crop Muscle Tank provides ultimate ventilation & reinvents the beauty of breathing during your studio session to wearing casually on summer days.


Bec Judd states, “My favourite piece is the white tank. The slashed design down the spine allows the crop to peek through and provides a fashion forward, distressed edge."


Two new features have been incorporated into the design & construction of our classic silhouettes this collection. A laser cut feature on the Balanced 7/8 leggings for an edgy and eye-catching appeal, and removable cups into the Balanced Racer Crop Bra provide a bit of modesty and allow you to move freely and easily in comfort and style.


Bec, being the main focus of the campaign held at One Hot Yoga in South Yarra- a beautiful studio for Yoga and Pilates, we took some time from her busy schedule to ask her a few questions on how she maintains balance- the core feature and inspiration for this collection.


This collection is all about balance, tranquility & equilibrium, how do you find a balance in between family time & work to exercise? 

I make it a priority. 

It goes in the diary and is a non-negotiable!


What advice would you give to busy mums struggling to stay on top of their fitness goals or in general stay fit & healthy? 


Don’t be so hard on yourself and do what you can. I find that if I schedule something into my diary then I plan around it. And remember, just get started and once you do you’ll find it easy to get the momentum to carry on.


Going into summer a lot of people are rediscovering being active & looking to be fit for summer, with new workouts you can do outdoors or in the studio- what is your favourite type of workout? 

Cardio tennis is my latest exercise obsession. It is an hour of running with tennis games thrown in the mix. It doesn't matter if you can't hit the ball well; it's more about the running and lifting your heart rate.

I also love jumping on the spin bike when I’m short on time and doing a 4-minute Tabatha. If you do it correctly (ie. at 100% intensity), you’ll find that 4 minutes is all you need to have a good sweat sesh. Yes, 4 minutes!!!


What are some non-negotiables when it comes to activewear? 

It needs to be comfortable. Exercise can be hard enough without your garment rubbing, slipping or flapping around. For winter I like a full length legging and for hotter weather I either go with a shorter length legging or a comfy little short. I also prefer a slightly longer length in my tanks so it doesn't ride up when exercising. We cater for this well at JAGGAD.


What song is a must on your workout playlist? 

Taylor Swift ….Ready for it?


Your go-to breakfast? 

Carman’s instant porridge. I add in some extra linseed and chia.


How would you describe your own personal style? 

I live in my JAGGAD most of the time but if I’m not it’s usually a skinny leg jean or leather legging with a well cut tee or silk cami. I finish the look with a sleek blazer. I rarely wear heels these days so it’s a flat Chloe boot or a chic designer sneaker. For event dressing (ie red carpet or races) I ALWAYS go with a statement colour. 


Life motto you live by? 

It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice.



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