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Inspired by the contemporary fitness trends of NYC, 7th Ave Fitness, situated in Glen Iris in Melbourne, became the perfect venue to launch our new collection for Spring: Linear and Kruger.

A video by @BitOfSunMedia 



Linear features strong line detailing in bold, electric, true blue complimented with lemon drop yellow, pastel pink, white and black key colours.


Kruger is the monochrome option for the month, featuring a zebra inspired print with pastel blue and pastel pink paneling.


These pieces, when worn by our guests, popped and complimented the minimalist space of 7th Avenue perfectly and supported their workout ahead in style.


An overall minimalistic, NYC inspired interior, 7th Ave Fitness is a total health and wellness destination for group fitness training. Equipped with superior equipment to support your workout, this studio oozes luxury with its overall monochrome palette. Featuring neon lights with words that inspire, complimented by wide open windows that let the most beautiful light in, this picturesque space not only gets you motivated to workout and achieve your fitness goals, but it also becomes a great space to hang out with like-minded individuals to conquer health goals.


Starting the week by moving our bodies, we welcomed spring with our guests and launched our new collections with a workshop fusing both Pilates and Functional Training taken by 7th Ave Fitness key trainers Hannah and Jack.


Splitting into two groups’ guests tried both:

Athletic Pilates – an all over body workout to give a head to toe burn followed by a cool down and stretch.  Athletic Pilates aims to strengthen, lengthen and increase core stability, flexibility and balance.


Functional Training- Combine functional training and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) using specialised band and weight work to target muscle groups and be left feeling strong, lean and energised.


Post workout we were treated with a selection of Green Cups’ favourites: Smoothies, Protein Balls, Slices and mini acai bowls- the perfect refuel!


Thank you so much to 7th Ave Fitness for taking us through your training and allowing us in your beautiful space! And to Green Cup for the delicious post workout treats!

And a big thank you to our guests for spending their Monday morning sweating with us!


 Thank you to our partners:

7th Ave Fitness: @7thavefitness

Green Cup: @green.cup

Images by @jaydenostwald


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